We have noted a marked increase in the complexity of cases being referred to us, where service users often have multiple problems with a forensic history. However, the suitability of all service users is comprehensively assessed to reflect historical or present risk issues prior to admission to Vinegar House in order to maintain a careful balance of residents. For this process to be successful It is important that all service users admitted to Vinegar House are able to partake to varying degrees and work with their recovery model in order to gain something from this process whatever their background or limitations. The multi-disciplinary assessment process that we use within the unit helps to identify any potential difficulties a service user may encounter before ultimately moving to live independently, this supports the process to identify appropriate networks for future accommodation needs, which might reflect a less independent moving on plan being required.

Another challenge that we continue to face on an on-going basis has been in relation to the slow payment of funds for a number of our the residents placed with us - sometimes taking in excess of six months. This has resulted in none value-added activity by us, trying to correct the situation despite contracts being in place with the authorities in question. As we are a small unit, our cost margins need to be tightly controlled and lengthy delays in payment of fees are not helpful.

We feel at Vinegar House that we deliver on our promise in terms of the Quality of care that we provide. We have tried to maintain our costs at a level that is sustainable and acceptable to the various funding bodies, whilst allowing us to offer and maintain a high standard of environment and care .