We work with all of our service users from where they are at the point when they are admitted to the unit, not with any preconceived expectations. They have full involvement in the development of their individual recovery plans, which invariably includes specific detail related to physical health concerns, as this is a major issue for many who come to reside with us at Vinegar House.

This element needs to be addressed at a level that both encourages the service users understanding and the need to engage in the help offered to them in order to keep well in the future. Nutrition and healthy eating forms a major focus of our unit and we try and offer positive lifestyle choices to service users that can be taken forward when they eventually move on.

The home actively works to help the service users to develop their potential. Our assessment and daily hand-overs highlight progress and/or difficulties that require on-going support. This information is incorporated into a formal review which focus on what support maybe required to facilitate a successful moving on process, focusing on individual needs.

Social outlets are an important aspect for supporting confidence and independence which are facilitated by our staff group. All service users are actively encouraged to participate in some form of activity outside the home. We have a varied network of activities to call upon that support each individual’s area of interest some examples of which have included: Green Gym – gardening project; Music Technology; computer skills & cooking courses; choir practice; Tai Chi and Gymnasium (fitness) classes; Swimming; Tennis etc. Some of our Service Users have achieved accreditation and employment, which has had a very positive impact on their future plans and confidence.